4 Factors that Make an Irish Pub Truly Authentic

While nearly plenty of drinking establishments branding themselves as Irish pubs, it can be difficult to decode whether they are truly authentic or not. Some are located in old brick buildings while others are located in a strip mall. To help you determine which are real and which is fake, we’ve narrowed down what to look for in an Irish Pub.

Here are 4 factors that make an Irish Pub truly authentic.

Spirit of the bar

When you want to see a sports game, you visit a bar. But in Ireland, a pub is a meeting place to socialize and drink. It is not somewhere that is about rowdy crowds but rather a family environment filled with singing, laughter and stories.

The pub will become a community that often holds meetings for groups in the area. You may even notice the amount of loyal customers you will see in a true pub.

Drink Options

If the bartender offers you a 16-oz glass and fills it from tap, then chances are you are not at a traditional pub. The Irish always has a story for everything. They even say that it takes approximately 119.5 seconds to serve a proper Guinness or else, they’ll read out the riot act. The proper technique also involves a 20-oz glass poured at a 45-degree angle. Once you’ve had the perfect Irish pour, you will understand why it is such a major deal.

Live Music

The music is a major part of the Irish traditional pub. Sessions at the pub are often held and goes back for decades. This weekly gathering features a group of musicians where patrons join together to perform traditional Irish tunes.


The overall Irish pub look is also the easiest traits to point out. The look features dark wood, with touches of Irish green and a Guinness mirror. The pub is not usually a bright place as the low lights set the mood to a relaxing state.


When you walk into an authentic Irish pub, you will notice all the memories shared and the stories that were told for decades. Once you step in, you will see the magic to it and enjoy the ambiance.