5 Signs That Authentic Irish Pub Won’t Show

Want to finally visit an Irish pub but want to make sure it is the real deal? With so many bars out on the streets claiming to be a true Irish pub, only a few stands true to the real deal.

While American Irish pubs are a bit loud. However, true Irish pubs are more on community gathering and meeting places. They are historical places where townspeople meet and talk about issues. But this doesn’t mean that there are not any traditional Irish pubs in America.

The Signature Neon Clover Sign

While the pub is decked in dark wood and low lighting, if you see a neon clover sign then you’ve found yourself a not-so-Irish Irish pub.

Flat Screen TVs

Wherever Americans tend to drink, also follows the blue light TVs. But in historically traditional Irish pubs, you will see that they are free from the blue glow.

Serves Watered-down Guinness

Guinness pours only the thick glasses in Ireland. While Americans assume that true Guinness is thinned out for international export, you will see that it is entirely not true. In fact, the thicker the Guinness, the better.

There’s Only Guinness or Jameson Served

Guinness is the traditional Irish pub drink to find. But it is hardly the only drink to offer. Check out the Smithwick’s and Murphy’s to get a taste of good ole Irish alcohol. If your bar is serving just Jameson, it is not a real Irish pub but rather a bar. In fact, John Jameson is a distiller who condemned the Scots for using it.

Plays the Top 50 His

While real Irish pubs are shown to have more than a few vocal arguments, you will never find yourself having to yell over the top 50 pop hits.

Have you visited a traditional Irish pub? Comment below and tell us about it!