Welcome to the Irish Channel Pub!

Enjoy the aura of an Irish pub? Look no further as the Irish Channel Pub combines the spirit of Ireland and the heart of the city.

What started out of a dream, quickly turned into a family tradition as the family of Stack embraced their Irish roots to open up the Irish Channel Pub. The siblings studied their way in Culinary school to work as chefs in Europe and Ireland before deciding to make America their home. They then used their hard work ethic and determination to help them carry through success for a place of their own.

The Irish Channel Pub offers a unique mix of classic Irish feels and pub food to complete the environment. We serve our guests with a gleeful smile and a heart serving of Irish folk music.

We offer consistently delicious food, great service and all with the Irish hospitality. It is no wonder why we’ve become the top Irish destination for both tourists and locals. We provide a large selection of beer and cider on tap the Irish way to serve our visitors with the drinks they love. Our delicious menu is also a favorite as we provide bigger and better servings.

Come visit the Irish Channel Pub and see what the fuss is all about!