4 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Irish Way

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is always a great day to celebrate the start of the spring season. St. Patrick’s Day is the sort of holiday that is celebrated all week long. Irish Pubs are meant for standup comedy to the symphony orchestra and Celtic rock. With the usual great food and drinks to go around, you’ve got plenty of ways to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Here are 4 ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Irish way.

Stay Away from Green Beer

Drinking is the ultimate way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. If anything, the Irish are known for their high tolerance to alcohol. However, make sure to steer clear from the green beer. The Irish don’t celebrate with such abomination so go ahead and have fun with the traditional beers.

Learn Some Fun Irish Phrases

Celebrate the holiday by learning some fun Irish words and phrases to get into the spirit. Try some of these phrases and use them in your holiday conversations:
“Eejit” – Basically stands for Idiot in Irish. You can say it when someone does something stupid or silly without worrying if it is too offensive. You may also make new friends with Irish mates if you use it.

“It’s grand!”- Meaning as great or fine, this depends on how you use it. It is also one of the most said phrases for the Irish.

Sport the Green

Green t-shirts work well but you might as well spice it up with Irish-related items as well. Go for the Kiss Me, I’m Irish tees but keep in mind that no real Irish mate would wear them. If you want to get festive without looking a bit “Eejit” opt for the leprechaun costume.

Rock out to Irish Music

Whether you plan to celebrate at night or during the day, listen to some good ole Irish tunes. There is plenty of options to choose from, whether it may be traditional Celtic or folk Irish pub music. Check out the bands such as U2, The Cranberries, or Snow Patrol to feel the Irish vibes throughout the day.

How are you planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Comment below and let us know!