How to Kitesurf in Maui?

What’s a better way to enjoy your vacation when in Maui? There are lots of adventurous jungles and pristine beaches you can find in Hawaii. This is a haven for everyone who loves nature and adventure. And, one of the best adventures you will never forget is Kite Surfing. Kitesurfing in Maui is so popular for adventurous junkies and even beginners.

Why wouldn’t they? Kitesurfing gives you a different feeling, perhaps an exhilarating feeling. You’ll feel like flying all the way from the sea. It’s no wonder why kite surfers never leave the sport.

Today, lots of tourists are willing to learn to kitesurf for the first time. They are now looking for ways to be at the beach and watch how kite surfers do it. Are interested in this kind of sport too? Here’s a better guide for you.

learn to kitesurf for the first time

Tips for first-time kite surfers


Kitesurfing equipment is the first thing you need to know

1. Don’t pick any kitesurf you like. Beginners should use the right kite surf for them. Kitesurfing requires a suitable kite specifically for wind strength, and skills of the user. Beginners usually have smaller kites. Talk to your guide if you want to learn fast at the same time safety on your chosen adventure. Once you’ll get used to this sport, you can change your kite and choose the one that suits your capacity and adrenaline needs.

2. Choose the right kitesurfing board. Apparently, the common mistakes beginners commit is choosing the wrong board. They usually pick larger and stable boards, thinking that it will protect them from waves and accidents. And, that’s the problem. Beginners should choose a kitesurfing board that is in accordance with their weight. They should be able to carry it with one hand. The beginner should also look at the board if it has bindings in it so that their feet are kept to the board.

3. Safety equipment is necessary for all. Safety equipment is implemented to all kitesurfers – beginners or professional. The first thing they need to secure is life jacket and a helmet. A bypass leash is also important especially for beginners to avoid an accident in case you lose grip of the kite.

Learn the Secrets of Kite Surfing

Kitesurfing is an easy sport once you know how its basic guidelines and procedures. What beginners should do is to practice kite surfing on land. This may sound funny but this is essential in developing your skill. Kitesurfing on land teaches you how to control your kite whenever a wind blows hard on your kite.

Surf kite on Water

Once you are comfortable with your position and controlling your kite, you can now get yourself to the sea. Don’t be afraid to get wet, unless you’re not there for kitesurfing. Immerse yourself in the water and feel comfortable controlling yourself and the kite. Once you get the feeling, surf your body in the water. Let the kite drag your body and just feel the sea.

Everything is easy after practicing kitesurfing. Get your board now and start surfing. But, don’t stand aggressively; wait for the right moment to stand up so you’ll avoid flipping down. Now is the time to practice turning or changing directions, make sure to focus on maneuvering your kite.

practice kite surfing on land

Learn how to kite surf from Maui True North


Kitesurfing is for anyone who loves sports. This type of surfing is easy once you get all the guidelines and proper surfing. You’ll enjoy every turns and jumps when you’re kite surfing. Again, when you’re in Maui, call Maui True North and let’s talk about kite surfing.



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