How To Pass A Drug Test: Detox Kits

If you have a drug test coming up in the next 24 hours, and have been on marijuana for a few weeks, there is no way you will beat it naturally with water, lemon, cayenne pepper, and other ingredients.

Though it is the best method for detoxifying your body, it won’t do when you are pressed for time.

There are natural detox drinks you can take but these too only come in handy when you have time. Detox kits and a number of detox drinks are your saviors if you are wondering how to pass a drug test.

the best detox kits will help

How Drug Detox Kits and Drinks Work?

When you have a drug test coming in one or two days, you have two simple options to pass the test. Either drink a lot of water and dilute your urine or produce fake urine but these two methods are easily detected at the lab.

Again, other tests might be used to determine the toxins in your body.

Detox kits and drinks can help you pass the test. They come loaded with minerals and vitamins which restore the normal contents of your urine and blood.

They are loaded with vitamin B which, besides removing the toxins in your blood give your urine the yellow color that masks the fact that you tried to dilute it.

Another substance is creatine monohydrate which restores the creatinine content in urine.

How Fast Do Detox Drugs And Kits Work?

Most detox drinks will work within a week, but there are times you do not have that much time, and you need to detox in 24 hours.

Most detox drug kits are created to temporarily get rid of THC in your blood, allowing you to pass a marijuana test in the next 24 hours. During this period, you should not take any drug, including alcohol.

If you test involves hair or saliva test, you should not take detox drinks, but instead, find other drug detox kits such as mouthwash or hair shampoo.

There are different drug detox kits each designed for various drugs and different working time frames. You should, therefore, be keen when you are selecting a kit.

Are Drug Detox Kits Detected?

Labs only look out for dilute urine and fake urine when testing for drugs. As for hair, saliva, and blood tests, they look for unusual substances. Most of the ingredients in drug test kits are detected as nutrients and therefore do not raise any red flags.

The online space has a lot of information about the drug kits that have been found effective. A blog well-known in the niche is Toke Titans.

The guy tried virtually all products available for a long time before getting the best – check out his research.

different drug detox kits

Get the Best Detox Today

A good drug detox kit, will make the questionable contents of your blood, urine or saliva harder to detect. They help to flush out the toxins in your body, leaving you clean enough to pass the test.

If you are wondering how to pass a drug test, the best detox kits will help. However,  not all kits are effective. You, therefore, need to look at user reviews, the detox ingredients, and direction of use.