Four Places To Taste Wine In Sacramento

Wine Tours from Sacramento Where to Find the Best Wine

I don’t know about you but there is something about drinking wine that just feels so classy and elegant.

We actually see it everywhere because wine-drinking, and wine-tasting to a certain extent brings out the gentleman and the lady in all of us.

It used to be such a nonsense idea to go on wine tours. I mean if I told you I would be renting a limo, drive to 5 wineries and sample the finest wines these places have to offer, you would think I’m a millionaire with nothing better to do.

On the contrary, I propose that each of us should treat ourselves to some self-care moments like these. Ready?

Four Places To Taste Wine In Sacramento

Wine County

Sonoma County – With 17 American Viticultural Areas surrounding it, and every one with its very own distinguishing quality, this is a great place to start the tour.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sonoma County is huge. Think 60,000 acres of vineyards and at least 400 wineries.

Overwhelming? Taste their samplers and see why Sonoma County wines are famous worldwide. How do I know? Their national and international awards should prove that.

Amador County – This county is only 45 minutes from Sacramento, close enough to the city and yet when you sip the wines, you feel out of this world.

And while you are holding your glass of Zindafel, you can enjoy and be enthralled by the picturesque scene of the rural roads of California. This is a regular staple for wine tours from Sacramento.

Exquisite Scenery

Lodi – Don’t be fooled by the quaint atmosphere, Lodi is home to a fresh generation of producers and they are reclaiming their deep legacy and currently offering world-class wines.

Home to almost 80 wineries with roughly 100,000 acres of the top of the line vineyards and also recognized as one of California’s most impressive wine stops. Try it to believe.

El Dorado – El Dorado invites tourists to try their broad diversity of award-winning wines, visit the special tasting rooms for those that want a more private setting, and appreciate majestic panoramas of mountains topped with snow and foothills filled with oak trees.

An hour’s drive from Sacramento shouldn’t deter you from coming here. Taste these wines with the best views that nature has to offer. What’s not to love?

Fine Ride

Of course, when touring these great wine areas you would need a ride to match the excellence.

You could rent a luxury sedan if you’re traveling alone, maybe a limo for you and your spouse for a more romantic mood, and if you’re traveling with the gang, go all out and rent the party bus.

There are exceptional transport services that offer wine tours from Sacramento.

And the best thing about renting a transport service is that you don’t need to drive back (DUI anyone?) because they come with a personal driver that can take you wherever you want to go.

 Wine Tours from Sacramento Where to Find the Best Wine

Book a Tour

Sacramento wine tours are among the best in the world, not just in the state of California. Wouldn’t you be depriving yourself of this once-in-a-lifetime experience if you didn’t at least ask how much it would cost.

There are transport services that have the cars that would fit a wine tour, and they offer a real-time quotation for the service that you need.

Just remember, whatever vehicle you come up with, and whatever wine tour you go to, the most important thing to cherish is to make sure you have a heck of a fun time. In a classy way, of course. Book a tour today.

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